Forthcoming Events

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Cookley Playing Field & Village Hall AGM - Sunday 9th April 7.30pm

Please come and support the volunteers who keep the village hall and playing fields running. Your village needs YOUR help in furthering the development of the playing fields and new village hall for the benefit of yourself, your neighbour and your children. Anyone wishing to become a trustee is welcome and should apply in writing with a sponsor to the secretary by 1st  April. You can speak to the secretary at any time if you want any further advice or information. Hope to see you at the AGM

Cookley Beer Festival 27th, 28th, 29th May

Come and join us for this popular event. The first act of the festival will be Blind Lemon, labelled as the UK's hardest hitting covers band. And there will be plenty of beers and ciders to choose from.

Party in the Park 16th July (provisional)

Scooter Rally 19th August (provisional)