Environmental Policy

The Cookley Playing Field & Village Hall Association is proud to be an environmentally caring organisation with particular emphasis on reducing the impact of our operations on the environment and our commitment to our continued local community support.
Overall Environmental Aims

1. Sustainable economic development
To develop the Association in such a way as to meet the needs of the present generation to achieve their needs and aspirations without compromising the ability of future generations.

2. Health for all
To work with our local population to reduce the inequalities in health which exist between different groups or communities, and to provide information which will assist in the promotion of good health in all areas of our villager’s lives and activity.

3. Energy
To minimise the Association’s contribution to global warming and other environmental effects of energy use, by reducing the consumption of energy throughout all of our activities and by increasing energy conservation and energy efficiency.

4. Waste and recycling
Minimising the amount of waste for eventual disposal by reducing the production of waste, reusing materials where possible and recycling everything possible.
5. Transport
By promoting local activities to reduce the need of our population to travel and thereby reducing the environmental impact of traffic.

6. Enhancing the local environment
To develop a safe, healthy local environment which provides the best quality of life possible for our community, and is clean, unpolluted, attractive, ecologically sound and free from dereliction and degradation.

7. The natural environment
To maintain indefinitely the balance and diversity of life on our land, to protect and care for the variety of animals and plants, geological features and land forms around us.

8. Raising awareness
To raise the level of awareness, amongst all sectors of our community, of the need for action on the environment so as to enable the individual to make decisions regarding the environmental impact of their lifestyles.

9. Purchasing and contracts
To reduce the environmental impact of the goods and services consumed by our Association through a sensitive purchasing policy and the influencing of companies, bodies or groups with whom we deal, by means of specifications or conditions, to adopt the same standards.

We will always seek to achieve a clean, healthy, safe and sustainable environment for our playing fields, village hall, community and future generations.

March 2009